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Krounk (the White Crane), is not only known for its beauty and elegance, but also as one of few national birds of the Republic of Armenia. Better known for its posture, range of motion, and ability to stand on one or two legs gracefully, the crane is the embodiment of balance. It is a kind, caring, and nurturing animal with the ability to build the self-esteem of those around it. This, too, is a great representation of Krounk Dance Studio.

Originally founded by Azat Gharibyan in 1986, Krounk Dance Studio has been a beacon of trust, loyalty, hard work, and dedication from its roots in Armenia to its expansion to Los Angeles in 2002.

We offer an array of classes including Traditional Armenian Dance, Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Salsa, Ballet, and Zumba. Since its expansion to Los Angeles, Krounk Dance Studio has participated in many multi-leveled competitions, award shows, music videos, and concerts.


 The mission of Krounk Dance Studio is to provide an outlet that allows men and women of all ages to express their artistic side while staying active, and leading a healthy lifestyle in a structured environment led by knowledgeable and professional instructors. Krounk Dance Studio is committed to: its students, staff, parents and guardians, and the community as a whole, as we aim to not only provide the aforementioned opportunities, but to also foster appreciation for the fine arts throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, a place we call home! 


 It is not, however, our expertise that sets us apart from our competitors, rather our professionalism and our continued dedication to each and every student. We pride ourselves on our family-like environment and genuine care for both the mental, and physical well-being of every student. 

Susanna Harutyunyan

Fonder and Artistic Director


Susanna Harutyunyan, Founder and Artistic Director of Krounk Dance Studio US. 

As far as her accomplishments and achievements go, they are countless. 

  • Graduated from the Dance Academy of Armenia in 1986
  • Performed in:
    • France
    • Belgium
    • Luxemburg
    • Australia
    • Holland
    • Cities all around the Black Sea
  • Learned from and danced with:
    • Azad Gharibyan – World renowned dance, choreographer and bolero
    • Vilen Galustyan – Bolero
    • Hovannes Khachikyan – Bolero
    • Tereza Grigorian – Prima Donna Bellerina
  • Specializes in:
    • Armenian Folk and Traditional Dance
    • Cha-Cha
    • Samba
    • Rumba
    • Paso Doble
    • Jive
    • Salsa
    • Ballroom
  • Multitude of Awards
  • Competition Champion Teacher

Having graduated from the Dance Academy of Armenia in 1986, Susanna Harutyunyan exemplifies what it means to be a true professional. In her younger years, she spent most of her time traveling the world and gracing the stages of: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia, Holland, and all over and around the Black Sea. As a founding member of Krounk Dance Studio, under the instruction of world renowned dancer and choreographer Azad Gharibyan, Susanna decided to bring what were the best years of her life to America and continue the name and legacy of Krounk by opening her own studio in 2002.

Alongside her own endeavors as a dancer, she has also lead couples into dance competitions all across the United States and has stepped off the floor of a competition as a victor. As well as being a respected instructor, Susanna is also the recipient of countless awards from countless organizations and award shows. In her spare time, Susanna likes to participate in different benefits to help her community. Susanna has also coordinated an endless number of concerts that highlighted various international artists and a multitude of dancers and dance groups.

Susanna has had the privilege of working with world famous bolero’s Azad Gharibyan, Vilen Galustyan, and Hovannes Khachikyan; she has also worked with Prima Ballerina Tereza Grigorian which was a great compliment to her formal dance education, and was an experience that she will remember and cherish for a lifetime.

Susanna Harutyunyan specializes in Latin Style Dance, Ballroom Dance, Traditional Armenian and Folk Dances, and has extensive knowledge in ballet and gymnastics. She takes pride in her studio and close knit relationships she establishes with all of her students. She is ecstatic about continuing to make new relationships, and foster existing ones each and every day.




 Zhanna Petrosyan is an Instructor and Choreographer with Krounk Dance Studio. 

She has accomplished and specializes in the following:

  • Licensed Zumba Instructor
  • Competition Dancer all across the USA
  • Performances all across Southern California
  • Specializes in all Latin Style Dances
  • Gymnastics/ Ballet Instructor
  • Award Winning Dancer
  • Starred in multiple movies and music videos

Words cannot begin to describe the professionalism and talent of Zhanna. She has been a dancer her whole life thus far and plans to be able to say the same sixty years from now. Zhanna specializes in Latin style dances and choreographs all of her own routines. With appearances on stages all across the southland, and competition floors across the states, Zhanna knows what it takes to be a dancer and in knowing so passes it on to each and every student she encounters. Alongside performances and competitions, Zhanna has also appeared in music videos and movies over the years. According to her, “This isn’t a job for me; this is a way of life.” Zhanna is also a licensed Zumba instructor and is the head instructor in many of the classes offered by Krounk Dance Studio. Her familiarity with all the necessary qualifications for competition dances, as well as her overall competence of dance as a whole make Zhanna a truly pivotal piece to the puzzle.

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Vladimir Petrosyan is an instructor with Krounk Dances Studio. He, alongside Susanna and Zhanna, focuses on Latin Style Dances, particularly the following:

  • Cha-Cha
  • Samba
  • Rumba
  • Paso Doble
  • Jive
  • Salsa

Alongside the Latin dances, Vladimir is also trained in teaching Armenian Traditional and Folk dances.

The progression of motion as a child is first to crawl, walk, then run. Such is not the case for Vladimir. The progression of motion for Vladimir was: crawl, dance, and continue to dance. Being born into a family of dance, this does not come as a surprise to anyone. Vladimir is the son of two professional dancers and has followed the same path. Performing in a countless of numbers of concerts, competitions, and various benefits, Vladimir is no stranger to stage. He also teaches an array of classes with dances including: Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, Jive, Salsa, Armenian Traditional and Folk dances. Vladimir is loved by all of his students as he implements youthful energy to all of his classes. Krounk Dance Studio considers itself lucky to have such an asset.